10/07/17. I just received some fine drawings of deep sky objects made using a 16 inch optical set supplied by Nichol Optical…

NGC 4565M101 unlabeled


The customer, Martijn Straub writes…A few months ago I bought a 16 inch mirror from you and I just wanted to let you know that I’m very satisfied with it.I was able to test it on a few occasions before the grey nights started off and the mirror provided bright deepsky images and planets and moon were tack sharp when seeing permitted.I will not hesitate to recommend your company among fellow amateur astronomers when I’m asked about what mirror I use. In short, thank you for a great product!

13/04/17.  I have added a frequently asked questions page (FAQ) which can be accessed from the main menu near the top of each page.

09/04/17.  Ever thought about making your own telescope mirror? In the past I have ran a one day telescope making day covering the basics of telescope mirror making including information on how to mount the finished mirror in a telescope. If there was enough interest I would be happy to repeat the day at some point in the future. If you are interested in attending such a day please contact me, if there is enough interest I will organise an event which would take place in Stockton in the NE of England, probably on a Sunday.

11/01/17.  Updated special offers page, please have a look.

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