Special Offers

This page will be updated periodically giving details of any special offers. There are times when I have spare machine capacity, rather than leave the machine idle I use it to make a mirror. Such mirrors are advertised on this page. They are in no way inferior, unless otherwise stated, to my normal production mirrors.

14 inch F4.7 Mirror and secondary flat

1/8 PV wavefront  1/27 wave RMS. Strehl .95

Diameter:                                354 mm

Focal Length:                          1610 mm

F No.                                       4.67

Thickness:                               40 mm

Glass Type:                             Suprax

Wavefront error:                     1/8wave

Weight                                    8.2 Kgs (approx)

Secondary MA                        70mm

Both mirrors with enhanced aluminium coatings

Price £1249.00  plus shipping UK £40.00, Europe £85.00

 14 inch F4.7 Mirror and secondary

Unfortunately a customer of mine is unable to complete his project and therefore an unused 14 inch F4.7 mirror and secondary are now available. Details are…

Diameter 354mm
Focal length 1676mm
Thickness 45mm
Material Suprax
Flat 75mm MA

The price is 1180 Euros including shipping in Europe.

Please contact pascal.jappy@gmail.com for more details.